The Daily Catch of Cantonese Radio

The cool thing about being in the city is you can always go somewhere you’ve never been before. Here in the West End I only have to go a block or two to find fresh terrain. Tonight, it’s blackly pouring with rain and I’ve discovered if I listen to FM 96.1 while I’m driving, it makes me chuckle. Listening to the choppy and percussive “music” of the Cantonese language, broken up by an occasional English word or phrase, is very entertaining to a simple person like me. For eg: @#$%^&*()_+” “Metrotown” #$%^&*()_+” Surrey Auto Mall”, and so on…it certainly breaks up the monotony of listening to regular English all the time, as well as the rain.

So I drove to my refried beans guy on Davie and stocked up. Then I noticed a new fish shop next door and decided to check it out. Hey this place smells fishy…what a revelation! The Daily Catch mermaids2turned out to be the coolest fish shop of all time. In fact they’re in league with the Vancouver Aquarium and all their fish is 100% sustainably caught. They are the only fish shops in Vancouver that can claim this. In addition, you can take home any one of six delicious marinades, gratis, to make your fish even better (and possibly less fishy – lol) I swear there were two beautiful mermaids behind the counter helping the customers.

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