I made myself a Goodbye Harper bouquet

Over on Denman there’s a great community flower stand, where you can make yourself a bouquet, for a donation. Right after voting with my son, which felt fantastic, I found myself at the stand, gazing at all the colour and beauty there. Did you notice how much more people talked to each other that day? chit chat chit chat on all the street corners. We didn’t know yet what a slam dunk the election would be for the Liberals, but we all felt something, a rare sense of unified field. We were pretty sure Harper’s hands would at least be tied.

I chose three big pink gerber daisies (for luck) oh so optimistic! so healthy! deep green salal, fragrant eucalyptus…and some little berry things that just looked cool. I bicycled home slowly, with my daisies peeking out at the sky, smiling all the way. At home I made myself, a “Goodbye Harper” salad, with chicken and potatoes. Then I watched “Goodbye Harper” tv, calling up family and friends to share the wonder! It feels as if a huge oppression has been removed. The Dark Ages we have endured are ending! If Trudeau is able to deliver on half of his promises, we’ll still be far ahead of where the souless despot, Stephen Harper left us.

We can all breathe a little more easily now. The Trudeaus are humanists…we can actually look forward, to more colour and beauty in our lives. Canada has spoken well.


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