Somebody Lit a FUSE last Night and I think it was Angela Brown!

…and three thousand people witnessed us! It was GREAT to have SUCH a BIG (and good-looking) audience!

“Heartfelt appreciation to friend/colleague/choreographer/dancer, and international-interdisciplinary artist Angela Brown for the wonderful birthday present (Friday, Nov. 6) of Comp tickets for Glenn and I to FUSE: “Beyond Object and Action” in collaboration with Australian artist Evelyn Roth at the Vancouver Art Gallery! Ethereal improvisational music by flautist Holly Burke and other Vancouver musicians added texture. Tom Tassé was present with camera!” – from flautist Heather Duff.


Laura Crema, Yayoi Hiro, Catherine E.Lee, Michelle Hersey, Nadine Pluzak.


Ross Barret, Michael Mayr, et moi.


Angela Brown

Next event: Vancouver Dance Centre Nov.14th 7:30 PM.

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