The Rapture of Cherry Blossoms on the Wind

It seems to me the cherry blossoms are even more beautiful as they fall. Long lines of pink along the streets. Hallways of rosy colours and small petals that tickle the road as they pass before you. This Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a wonderful thing. Thanks to Linda Poole for creating it.

cherry tree
even the blind woman
picks blossoms

-Rosa Clement, Manaus, Brazil

Before I leave you with a fantastic photo of Yayoi and I, and a video clip, I’d like to let you all know I’ll be returning to the garden once again May 28-29 with the amazing bassist Dino DiNicolo.


Yayoi and I performing haiku.

This is a video of our performance at VanDusen Garden.

Somebody Lit a FUSE last Night and I think it was Angela Brown!

…and three thousand people witnessed us! It was GREAT to have SUCH a BIG (and good-looking) audience!

“Heartfelt appreciation to friend/colleague/choreographer/dancer, and international-interdisciplinary artist Angela Brown for the wonderful birthday present (Friday, Nov. 6) of Comp tickets for Glenn and I to FUSE: “Beyond Object and Action” in collaboration with Australian artist Evelyn Roth at the Vancouver Art Gallery! Ethereal improvisational music by flautist Holly Burke and other Vancouver musicians added texture. Tom Tassé was present with camera!” – from flautist Heather Duff.


Laura Crema, Yayoi Hiro, Catherine E.Lee, Michelle Hersey, Nadine Pluzak.


Ross Barret, Michael Mayr, et moi.


Angela Brown

Next event: Vancouver Dance Centre Nov.14th 7:30 PM.

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Peace, Love, Joy, Light! and All That Jazz!

Is there anything better than hearing your songs float out into the world for the first time?

11053499_973851552659849_4775672024063635709_oFloating out into a beautiful space like Brentwood Presbyterian church..seeing and feeling the lovely people respond…wow!

Peace, Love, Joy, Light!

and all that jazz…

Thanks to Brian Fraser, the Naturals, old friends and new!

1st Year Anniversary Café Ça Va & Thanksgiving Bash!

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, giving thanks feels great, doesn’t it? It’s kinda like “Christmas Lite,” without all the trappings and expectations of X-mas. Except for the turkey feast which is always fine. So do come and feel breezy with us @ the Café Ça Va next Friday October 9 – 1860 Marine Drive. West Van. 604-925-2503. Music 8-11 pm, and the best French onion soup and red wine I’ve ever had. It’s a really pretty place, and so is the piano player, Dmitri ‘Gritty’  Gritsaenko. 309736_10150288258562066_139878418_nHe’s the one on the far right. I seem to prefer pianists from the Eastern Block, just one of those things. ‘Gritty’ and I will be making the scene, “a deux”, which is not to say “adieu,” although we will be giving thanks!

See you there, my friends. The music is free! Please spread the word?

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Sound of Waves and Words Come to Me

Driving along Long Beach

at last, the sound of waves

and words come to me…

YAZ YAZ  airport. norfolk pine. eucalytptus tree. fish taco!

I look across at The Manny,

motoring powerfully beside me…Longbeach_prnp

We’re a million miles away now,

returning to the singing sands of Middle Beach,

our Tofino home, wider than a mile.

you’ll find me…

riding in on the backs of small dragons

with striped quivering wings over the lagoon

all held aloft by August breezes,

that always tell the truth.

sleek wide beech trunks invite me up

to roost, to nest, to breathe

in all creation and know

that it is good. even perfect. today.


To Blog or Not to Blog…that is the question

To blog, or not to blog – that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them. To die-to sleep-
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to. ‘Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To die-to sleep.

Act 11 sc.1 Hamlet, Bill Shakespeare

Well, the answer is TO BE silly…it always is!

I received my new instructions just this morning.

The right answer is, ” TO BE.”LIGHT

So You Like My Poetry

ok. that’s cool. Being with you is all I’ve ever wanted.

Like tasting the first ripe cherry of the season

or breathing in the first wild white rose growing

in tangled leafy thatches down by the lagoon

the total immersion of my senses that you are

walking barefoot, hand in hand, over a soft emerald carpet of grass.



barefootgrassHB 2015 for Otto

Canada, Italy, Mexico,Turkey! Thanks for saying “Hi” Today!

Here’s River of Stars. Yes indeed.  I just happen to have a map if Italy around here too…where Radio Indie

International in Taranto *see map) has been playing our beloved tune all over the land. Thanks for that!

All I know is, I’d rather be in Taranto, than Toronto. Turkish and Mexican folks too, please leave your comments!

i.e.write on my site 🙂 I would like to visit and learn your language. Can YOU find “Taranto?” Isn’t this fun?images

Blog ON Bill C51 and there will be NO frog kissing allowed

Had to cancel our much anticipated, much promoted Blue Frog Concert. miserable. What are do you to do, when both Facebook and Shaw lock you out because of inviting “too many” friends? As it turns out: they were both wrong. Not enough people were invited and my hands were tied to do more. Stephen Harpers Gestapo Bill C51 has gone much too far. This is my living and I won’t have my tools taken away. HBposter5