Transcendent Tendency/ 3 over 2

 As we live ~ and die…

 flightless birds

 flying anyway

 over the liquid land

 a finely tuned sky poet

 touches sympathetic strings

 all held aloft by human invention 

 in this flying machine

 I see the rhyming patterns of land and sea

 how the liquid land coalesces 

 through bodies of water

 bodies of people

 wind and sand

 the three domes

 of earth, skull and sky 

 cranial patterns of earth

 as by breathing

 the double helix of life arises 


HB 2014

Humming Georgia

driving home from the church gig

I come upon the melting moon…

creme brule with a spoonful already eaten…

just for a moment – a pine tree silhouette carves

the moon’s surface and I realize

I’ve never actually seen this sight before,

though I’ve heard the lyric and sung it many times.

but tonight, our love comes home to me,

‘sweet and clear, like moonlight through the pines’

home, yes

almost home…Image

“Humming Georgia” by Holly Burke from her collection “Looking for Hymn”