The Rapture of Cherry Blossoms on the Wind

It seems to me the cherry blossoms are even more beautiful as they fall. Long lines of pink along the streets. Hallways of rosy colours and small petals that tickle the road as they pass before you. This Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a wonderful thing. Thanks to Linda Poole for creating it.

cherry tree
even the blind woman
picks blossoms

-Rosa Clement, Manaus, Brazil

Before I leave you with a fantastic photo of Yayoi and I, and a video clip, I’d like to let you all know I’ll be returning to the garden once again May 28-29 with the amazing bassist Dino DiNicolo.


Yayoi and I performing haiku.

This is a video of our performance at VanDusen Garden.

It’s All About Recording This Week

Yes.  Maybe not the greatest pics of us – lol – but the new music is sounding great and so is the band.  Had an awesome time at Shaw TV yesterday.  Today, the Farm! The lower shot is me trying on outfits at my friend Marji Graham’s house.  She so great!IMG_1138 IMG_1134

When The Time Comes




When The Time Comes

For now, I will stay in the darkened comfort

of my bedroom, shades drawn down like half closed eyes

squeezed against the too bright light.

I will stay here as long as I need to.

When the time comes, perhaps at dusk,

when the light and the world are softer,

I’ll hear a robin’s song and be drawn outside

out into the blue dome of night with golden stars waiting

and see the new moon smile.

for the Bruschinis


Transcendent Tendency/ 3 over 2

 As we live ~ and die…

 flightless birds

 flying anyway

 over the liquid land

 a finely tuned sky poet

 touches sympathetic strings

 all held aloft by human invention 

 in this flying machine

 I see the rhyming patterns of land and sea

 how the liquid land coalesces 

 through bodies of water

 bodies of people

 wind and sand

 the three domes

 of earth, skull and sky 

 cranial patterns of earth

 as by breathing

 the double helix of life arises 


HB 2014

Balcony Scene

How sweet to have multi – instrumentalist Hugh Fraser and his trumpet playing partner and creator of the Hypatia Jazz Orchestra Lorae Farrell on my balcony for a creative sunset dinner with my co-host  Bill Runge

what intelligent fun!


Whistler Square at the Height of Summer

"Oom pah pah, oom pah pah, that's how it ...

“Oom pah pah, oom pah pah, that’s how it goes… (Photo credit: bobfranklin)

brass quintet pumping away

little kids always in the very middle of the crowd

running, with their arms way up

into the palest blue of blues mountain air

late afternoon sun stretched out

like a big scruffy dog

belly cooling over the bricks

now the band shifts to a gentle oompah

a dalmation watches

his owner pump up his bike tire

in time with the music.

from my collection of poems

“Looking for Hymn”