Tofino Getaway ~ with new beach music 🐠🐚🌊


Dearest Friends,

I am writing to you from MacKenzie Beach in Tofino, on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s cooler here than Vancouver, almost fall! The mornings are foggy and mysterious, the afternoons clear, and every night we have a fire! The finest of fine sands cover my toes… like palest green fairy dust made of moss and seaweeds and ocean floor water magic…

Happily by the fire I sit. 
Soot on my hands. Sand on my toes. While Runge works and I play on paper.
I brought us pine cones flecked with sap and garden cuttings of rosemary, oregano, and eucalyptus to add to our evening fire. And how warming it is!
A glass of red wine, a fire, and thou!




Contacting Our Intelligent. Original. Inspired. Good Fortune.

PC2015_Splash_2PACIFIC CONTACT. I step out into a world I’ve never known before…

it’s about reaching out for new terrain, it’s also about serendipity and chance. Interestingly, I found myself just standing

beside several of the people I had wanted to make contact with…lovely people!

It felt wonderful, and right, to be a part of this great festivity of Arts and Culture, everyone on their special quest, all of us


Happy Questing Pacific Contact!

Ants, Uncles and Telepathic >>>> Messages )))))))))

Last year right on Daylight Savings the ants showed up. Like they were taking their cue from the Great Ant conductor in the sky. Sometime last week I started making preparations, so I might be able to head them off at the pass this year. At every entry point, I laid out a mixture of cornmeal and borax, while sending them strong  telepathic   messages   not    to   come   at    all   !

ha haaaaa!

do    not    come

go    eat     somewhere     else      please      !

so far…no ants!  TT__HH___AAA__NN__KK__YYYY__OO__UUUUUUUU   !!!!!  Ants…and uncles…images