Ants, Uncles and Telepathic >>>> Messages )))))))))

Last year right on Daylight Savings the ants showed up. Like they were taking their cue from the Great Ant conductor in the sky. Sometime last week I started making preparations, so I might be able to head them off at the pass this year. At every entry point, I laid out a mixture of cornmeal and borax, while sending them strong  telepathic   messages   not    to   come   at    all   !

ha haaaaa!

do    not    come

go    eat     somewhere     else      please      !

so far…no ants!  TT__HH___AAA__NN__KK__YYYY__OO__UUUUUUUU   !!!!!  Ants…and uncles…images

Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!


91 years young today! an Olympic Birthday! 

What a life, what a career, what a unique being you are!

and still the wittiest guy I know…

Odysseus of The Mind,

That’s who you ARE

Rock on!

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Write on!

So happy your blood runs

in our veins…all thanks for the years of inspiration

Your Vancouver family torch burns bright today!