Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!


91 years young today! an Olympic Birthday! 

What a life, what a career, what a unique being you are!

and still the wittiest guy I know…

Odysseus of The Mind,

That’s who you ARE

Rock on!

download (1)

Write on!

So happy your blood runs

in our veins…all thanks for the years of inspiration

Your Vancouver family torch burns bright today!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!

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  2. I just told my mother in distant southern India that Stanley, our favorite CBC anchorman, is doing well and good. We watched him without fail in 1969. Just to let you know there are fans in remote corners of the earth. God bless, Stanley.


    • So fantastic Harry! your favourite CBC anchorman is due to arrive in Vancouver in the next couple of weeks! We are all looking forward to having a great family hang. I told him about your message and it did make him smile! He thinks no one remembers him…ha!


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