Mission of Mercy, Labour of Love…

Here I am in Napanee Ontario, the birthplace of Avril Lavigne. But my mission here is to visit my dear Da and hero in hospital. Stanley’s been in for five weeks already. I’m happy to say it looks like he’ll be going home soon, and we’ve had some great day passes together, noodling around and looking at stuff. Yesterday we scored big by coming upon a shipyard beside the road, near the Mill Bay ferry. Dad is very much a man of the sea, always had boats. When he saw the beauties there he said, “I may have to pick one of these up!” He was in great spirits yesterday, most heartwarming.IMG_1494

Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!


91 years young today! an Olympic Birthday! 

What a life, what a career, what a unique being you are!

and still the wittiest guy I know…

Odysseus of The Mind,

That’s who you ARE

Rock on!

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Write on!

So happy your blood runs

in our veins…all thanks for the years of inspiration

Your Vancouver family torch burns bright today!