Vancouver Horn Players Blow Away Fog

Fog Horns

The chilly Vancouver fog really is oppressive today
We quiet down like birds at night still stopped waiting
pondering which colour of tea would be most beneficial
green matcha, yellow camomile, red rose. we have all the colours.
you just can’t see them today.

How about this: I invite, entreat, any and all of the wind players in Vancouver to meet at Prospect Point to play today at 2 pm to play improvised communal tones together, to blow the fog away.

weather permitting

Vancouver Fog

Let’s BLOG

If I were a blogger

I’d blo-og in the morning

I’d bl-og in the evening

All over this land,

I’d blog out danger

I’d blog out warning,

I’d blog out love between,

My brothers and my sisters,

All over this land.

If I had a bell…


respectful thanks to Pete Seeger

Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!


91 years young today! an Olympic Birthday! 

What a life, what a career, what a unique being you are!

and still the wittiest guy I know…

Odysseus of The Mind,

That’s who you ARE

Rock on!

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Write on!

So happy your blood runs

in our veins…all thanks for the years of inspiration

Your Vancouver family torch burns bright today!