The Holly, The Ivy and Naturals Light

Naturals Light ~ a tasty trio version of Holly Burke & The Naturals¬†will be appearing at the historic Sylvia Hotel on English Bay this Thursday, where we’ll delve into the mystery of the history…of this legendary ivy covered hotel, The Grande Dame of English Bay.

Did Errol Flynn really die there? is it haunted? And what about that cat, Mr.Got to Go?

Come find out.

1154 Gilford St. 8-10 pm. Two delicious sets. n/c

Sylvia hotel 3



The Kozmik Zoo is extinct but what a life it had!

Kristian Alexandrov's BDay! best piano player EVER!!!!

Kristian Alexandrov’s BDay! best piano player

All thanks to Tina Overbury LYBS for helping out in SO many ways, to Adrienne Montani of BC First Call, to Sharon and Bill for your constant support, to the BAND for being so totally ALIVE and to our beloved friends and fans new and old, whose shining eyes make it all worthwhile.


Come check out the Lovely Holly Burke and her band Thursday November 15th @ The Kozmik Zoo for a great intimate performance at an amazing organic restaurant!

This is most definitely a Virtual Release Event! with ACTUAL Musicians!

Download cards will be available – special guests will be there (especially YOU :)) Major dancing and Playing will occur and we can’t wait to do it…

Let’s be in the fresh music together…

Bill Runge – saxophones – arrangements
Randall Stoll – drums
Dmitri Gritsaenko – keys
Brent Gubbells – bassos
Holly Burke – flute – vocals – and tunes
Door’s are at 8pm!

Stay in tune with Holly: