Stratospheric Lounging @ 7 Dining

Thanks friends for another epic HB & The Naturals night! The band was described as “Stratospheric” – we can deal with that. Don Powrie did a stunning job on drums. He was Bill’s (Runge) first drummer – and Don and I go all the way back to the early days of VCC when we had class in portables. I had just returned from my years in New York, and super enjoyed my new studies with trombonist Dave Robbins at VCC.

Kristian Alexandrov – piano

Bill Runge – saxophones

Brent Gubbels – bass

Don Powrie – drums

” Stratospheric” 

pictures to follow




The Kozmik Zoo is extinct but what a life it had!

Kristian Alexandrov's BDay! best piano player EVER!!!!

Kristian Alexandrov’s BDay! best piano player

All thanks to Tina Overbury LYBS for helping out in SO many ways, to Adrienne Montani of BC First Call, to Sharon and Bill for your constant support, to the BAND for being so totally ALIVE and to our beloved friends and fans new and old, whose shining eyes make it all worthwhile.