Happy Valentino Day ❤️🐫🌹

Dear readers,
A little poem came to me this morning.

With a stretch and a yawn
the new day dawns
towards a hazy tawny light

A blanket of soft cloud above
tucks us in and makes us right

And so we fall asleep again,
for one more lovely dream…

Of Rudolph Valentino,
chocolate kisses and cream

Of red red roses and cooing doves
and another day, another way and another chance to love!


And friends if Valentine’s Day isn’t all that you want… or for any reason, I’d like to offer you my “Soothie” recipe. What is a Soothie? It is a deliciously soothing night time drink:

• Warm 4 cups of your favourite milk on the stove. (Any kind of milk will do – my favourite is vanilla soy.)

• Add in a tablespoon of vanilla and two tablespoons of Horlicks malted milk (it’s a Brit thing – but also works well without)

• Pour and share! (Or drink it all yourself while writing poetry and listening to relaxing music)

Ringing in the Season

Greetings fine and Christmasy folk! The view is great today – lots of blue sky and puffy clouds over Cypress and incoming hummingbird clouds leading us to our main topic today which is “humming“!

It’s nice to hear the care aids at Ma’s new care home in Lynn Valley humming and singing as you go down the hall. Ma is adjusting well and it has only been a couple of days.

hummingbird2016And next on the theme of humming, I would like you all to meet Calliope my pet humming bird and her husband André (André is tending to the next while Calliope here is noshing on nectar!)

Now a poem:

humming georgia

driving home from the church gig
i come upon the melting moon…
crème brulée – with a spoonful
already eaten…
just for a moment – a pine tree silhouette carves
the moon’s surface and i realize
i’ve never actually seen this sight before,
though i’ve heard the lyric and sung it many times.

but tonight, our love comes home to me, “sweet and clear like moonlight through the pines”

home yes, almost home.

from Looking for Hymn collection by Holly Burke

And lastly, I have a little gift for those of you dear readers with a smart phone: a ringtone of Serengeti

So I am sending out warm Christmas wishes to all of you and hoping that you have a good one and looking forward to new adventures in 2017!

Soggy Days are Here Again

Against all odds a calendula flower I sprouted from seed has managed to bloom in November. This event coincided with some new piano music coming to me, I’m happy to say. Hey, I really think I’m getting better now! I can play the piano q u i e t l y now – perfect fifths… low down… are so soulfully! (sol-fa-ly?) satisfying!! There might not be a sun in the sky these days, but I do have a small sun shining on my balcony.

Exhibit A: IMG_1963.JPG

And the juncos are really digging the peanut butter suet I put out for them. And here’s a little treat for you, dear friends, if you have time. Last November we started working on a new album. Here is a glimpse of the work that we yearn to complete after my recovery:

We’re Live on Indiegogo! Everything helps xo

YES Dear Readers, Friends and Fans – If you can support our new album…please buy a pre-sale copy of our new recording, ‘Playground,’ or choose any perk you like! from $1 – 1000. We have some great musical perks to share with you.  Everything is in the link below. Thank you! and Happy NY 2016 to All!4 (2).jpgClick here to see the Our Next Recording Campaign!Indiegogo

Let’s BLOG

If I were a blogger

I’d blo-og in the morning

I’d bl-og in the evening

All over this land,

I’d blog out danger

I’d blog out warning,

I’d blog out love between,

My brothers and my sisters,

All over this land.

If I had a bell…


respectful thanks to Pete Seeger

The Kozmik Zoo is extinct but what a life it had!

Kristian Alexandrov's BDay! best piano player EVER!!!!

Kristian Alexandrov’s BDay! best piano player

All thanks to Tina Overbury LYBS for helping out in SO many ways, to Adrienne Montani of BC First Call, to Sharon and Bill for your constant support, to the BAND for being so totally ALIVE and to our beloved friends and fans new and old, whose shining eyes make it all worthwhile.

Gigs in Abun~dance!

Excited about the new gigage appearing for us already ~ like a beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly out of it’s cocoon!

Just click on the “Performances” image and it all shows up…like magic, sort of. I still need some lessons in this stuff.

Anyhoo – greatly looking forward to being in the music with you again soon. I don’t know about you – but I’m FEELING

FUNKY!!! and have been enjoying the ‘arpeggiator’ on my Yamaha piano, when not checking out my regular Berry

piano, now 110 years young! I hope to play you “Brave Waking” at the next gig or so, which features a whole lot of the

mighty ‘arppegiator” and is funky as anything!

When in doubt – DANCE!blue morpho butterflyIMG_0040

Apologies for the Calendar Confusion!

Still learning about WordPress…

We have a whack of gigs lining up for 2014!

and they will be entered in the right place

at the right time!

Thank you – and don’t hesitate to contact me now

for available dates for one of the best bands in Vancouver!

Happy Organum Everyone!

Happy Organum Everyone!

Merry Christmas! ‘Happy Organ’ seems like the right tune to share at this festive time.

We look forward to sharing much more music with you in 2014.

Cheers to All