Ringing in the Season

Greetings fine and Christmasy folk! The view is great today – lots of blue sky and puffy clouds over Cypress and incoming hummingbird clouds leading us to our main topic today which is “humming“!

It’s nice to hear the care aids at Ma’s new care home in Lynn Valley humming and singing as you go down the hall. Ma is adjusting well and it has only been a couple of days.

hummingbird2016And next on the theme of humming, I would like you all to meet Calliope my pet humming bird and her husband André (André is tending to the next while Calliope here is noshing on nectar!)

Now a poem:

humming georgia

driving home from the church gig
i come upon the melting moon…
crème brulée – with a spoonful
already eaten…
just for a moment – a pine tree silhouette carves
the moon’s surface and i realize
i’ve never actually seen this sight before,
though i’ve heard the lyric and sung it many times.

but tonight, our love comes home to me, “sweet and clear like moonlight through the pines”

home yes, almost home.

from Looking for Hymn collection by Holly Burke

And lastly, I have a little gift for those of you dear readers with a smart phone: a ringtone of Serengeti

So I am sending out warm Christmas wishes to all of you and hoping that you have a good one and looking forward to new adventures in 2017!

you’ll find me…

riding in on the backs of small dragons

with striped quivering wings over the lagoon

all held aloft by August breezes,

that always tell the truth.

sleek wide beech trunks invite me up

to roost, to nest, to breathe

in all creation and know

that it is good. even perfect. today.


So You Like My Poetry

ok. that’s cool. Being with you is all I’ve ever wanted.

Like tasting the first ripe cherry of the season

or breathing in the first wild white rose growing

in tangled leafy thatches down by the lagoon

the total immersion of my senses that you are

walking barefoot, hand in hand, over a soft emerald carpet of grass.



barefootgrassHB 2015 for Otto