Soggy Days are Here Again

Against all odds a calendula flower I sprouted from seed has managed to bloom in November. This event coincided with some new piano music coming to me, I’m happy to say. Hey, I really think I’m getting better now! I can play the piano q u i e t l y now – perfect fifths… low down… are so soulfully! (sol-fa-ly?) satisfying!! There might not be a sun in the sky these days, but I do have a small sun shining on my balcony.

Exhibit A: IMG_1963.JPG

And the juncos are really digging the peanut butter suet I put out for them. And here’s a little treat for you, dear friends, if you have time. Last November we started working on a new album. Here is a glimpse of the work that we yearn to complete after my recovery:

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