Magic Tonight @ The Genesis Theatre – Holly & The Naturals

“Nature Girl“ is the newest CD release from leading Vancouver composer/lyricist/flutist/vocalist Holly Burke. Holly has been on the scene in Canada and the US for decades and has quietly persisted to produce creative, texturally rich and evocative music that often transcends genre.
This current offering combines elements of World Beat, Fusion Jazz, Avant-Pop, Ambient, and enigmatic forms that defy description. Some of the wide ranging musical influences include; Paul Horn, Diane Reeves, Hubert Laws, Eric Satie, Bill Evans, Pat Metheny, and Michael Brecker.
The compositions include some moving lyrical content, exciting and thoughtful improvised instrumental soloing and some infectious grooves combined with fresh harmonic content, thoughtful arrangements, brilliant performances by a crack band that includes some of Canada’s best musicians, pristine recording values, and a pervasive sense magic and mystery.

Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell ~ forever trending!



“We are stardust – we are golden

billion year old carbon,

and we’ve got to get ourselves back…

to the garden” 

Now more than ever. Thanks for the decades of inspiration Joni.

My Cup Runneth Over…

And I’m not going to bother cleaning it up. Let it run all over town as far as I’m concerned…I may be the luckiest flute player in town today, anyway that’s how I feel. I love my band The Naturals , I love sharing our music with you, with a church full of lovely human beings, feeling the music rising, lifting us all up up UP! 

ImageHolly Moly

It’s a family affair, isn’t it?