Blog ON Bill C51 and there will be NO frog kissing allowed

Had to cancel our much anticipated, much promoted Blue Frog Concert. miserable. What are do you to do, when both Facebook and Shaw lock you out because of inviting “too many” friends? As it turns out: they were both wrong. Not enough people were invited and my hands were tied to do more. Stephen Harpers Gestapo Bill C51 has gone much too far. This is my living and I won’t have my tools taken away. HBposter5

Hello World!

Hi, I just had to say hi 🙂 That’s it really. I like you, just wanted to give you a shout. But wait…there’s more…here are TWO MUST SEE SHOWS!! The Blue Frog click here. ” TICKETS ”

The PeaceWeaver show is Friday night, will be epic: all info in poster. Feast your eyes, feast your ears…

JUNE 21 in Whiterock 7:30

JUNE 21 in Whiterock 7:30

June 12 PeaceWeaver

June 12 PeaceWeaver

Come to the Garden Come to the Sea!

Summer’s first sweet roses are here…with a scent that carries you far away,

or is it far within?

bite into your first shiny purple cherry, slip on a foxglove

watch blue back swifts dip and curve through the amber evening air

see tiny wood ducklings zoom at bugs darting in the air just over their heads

See all the firsts. All the miracles of Summer’s colourful pageant beginning…

What a time to be alive!

I offer you two great shows this Saturday. Come to the Garden, Come to the Sea!

Dino DiNicolo and I will be at 338 E.14th st. North Vancouver 2-4 pm. The whole band will be at the Silk Purse for 7:30 MUST SEE!!!

May 30 2-4 pm

May 30 2-4 pm

jazzwaves2015_poster (4)

Vancouver Horn Players Blow Away Fog

Fog Horns

The chilly Vancouver fog really is oppressive today
We quiet down like birds at night still stopped waiting
pondering which colour of tea would be most beneficial
green matcha, yellow camomile, red rose. we have all the colours.
you just can’t see them today.

How about this: I invite, entreat, any and all of the wind players in Vancouver to meet at Prospect Point to play today at 2 pm to play improvised communal tones together, to blow the fog away.

weather permitting

Vancouver Fog

Here’s January 23 @ The Beautiful Genesis Theatre ‘LIVE@5005’

Yes. This beautiful theatre in Delta/Ladner has it all. Lights! cameras! action! Sit back and enjoy a truly satisfying concert filled with delightful musical surprises…great for the whole family and all your friends, every single one of them. It’s going to be an incredible night!picmonkey_image

Tickets only $15 @ the door. Doors open at 7:30 – show @ 8pm. 604 – 946 – 5005.

We so look forward to being in the music with you again!! “I think the main thing a musician would like to do is give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe” – John Coltrane

Let’s warm ourselves by the fires of Art and Culture January 22/23

It’s winter in Canada. That mysteriously long seeming season that settles whitely across most of our wide land for months. CBC radio is a lifeline. People go to concerts and shows to warm themselves by the fires of Art and Culture. It’s cool, in every way! Vancouver is like the unfrozen area at the edge of the pond so to speak, where the ducks can still swim around. Lucky ducks.

So come warm yourselves January 22/23, and swim around, you lucky duck. How does a downtown Vancouver Caribbean island sound to you? Reservations 604 – 568-5882.

HB & The NATURALS LIVE @ Calabash Jan 22

LIVE @ Calabash Jan 22

Goodbye Ça Va ~ Hello Calabash, Genesis, St. Andrews Wesley and beyond!

We had a good run! Thank you to everyone at Café Ça Va, we look forward to future dates. ‘Le Petit Spectacle‘ was a fun show. We are super excited now looking forward to the return of Holly Burke & The NATURALS! Coming right up in 2015.

Plan on coming to “COCONUT THURSDAYS” January 22 ~ 9 pm/$8 the NATURALS will be deeply affecting the earth’s rotation in company with Special Guest Hugh Fraser. ’twill be a night of nights!! 

Holly Burke & The NATURALS LIVE 9 pm

January 22 428 Carrall st. MUST SEE!!