Blog ON Bill C51 and there will be NO frog kissing allowed

Had to cancel our much anticipated, much promoted Blue Frog Concert. miserable. What are do you to do, when both Facebook and Shaw lock you out because of inviting “too many” friends? As it turns out: they were both wrong. Not enough people were invited and my hands were tied to do more. Stephen Harpers Gestapo Bill C51 has gone much too far. This is my living and I won’t have my tools taken away. HBposter5

Happy International Women’s Day!

Yup, got all jacked up on dong quai today and joined the women’s liberation movement march on Commercial drive.

At one point a guy in one of those unreasonably huge pick up trucks, threw a fit and laid down some rubber because we’d apparently put a dent in his day. Someone shouted out ,”dude, calm down. You’re the reason we’re having this march!” Perfect.

Meet Natalie Drache, Doyenne of Actions, maintaining perfect cool. It was a beautiful day.


Happy Birthday Daddio!

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