Happy International Women’s Day!

Yup, got all jacked up on dong quai today and joined the women’s liberation movement march on Commercial drive.

At one point a guy in one of those unreasonably huge pick up trucks, threw a fit and laid down some rubber because we’d apparently put a dent in his day. Someone shouted out ,”dude, calm down. You’re the reason we’re having this march!” Perfect.

Meet Natalie Drache, Doyenne of Actions, maintaining perfect cool. It was a beautiful day.


Holly Burke & The Naturals Proud of Pride and the Freedom to Love

…and how much the celebration of our freedom to love means, on the world stage.

St.Andrews Wesley Church and Jamie Croil of Jazz Vespers are kindly hosting us.

Where: The Wall Centre Outdoor Stage – Burrard/Nelson right across from the church.

When:  Saturday August 2nd  4 – 5 pm.

So c’mon…jump in!



I Am in Touch with You ~Thanks for Reading…from All Over The World!

I was looking at my site stats yesterday and saw that I have had visitors, from literally all over the world!! thank you!! what a tremendous feeling. When your two favourite things to do are play the flute and write poetry…you could feel that you’re, well, like, obscure. But no…I am in touch with you! So what would you like to see more of here, World? Talk to me: in your language. 🙂 Holly     Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.18.25 AM