Come on a Dream Ride Sunday September 4

Dear Fine Folk… you are warmly invited to come on a Dream Ride with us September 4, 4pm @ St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver.


Can’t believe eight years have passed since I bounced off the end of my mother’s bed and into a very different head space! 

All was not lost though. Beautiful new music has come to the surface, twenty pieces for solo piano and new project called Dream Ride. Serendipitous events that have urged us forward in surprising ways, like finding baritone Pablo Romero in the forest. 

Featuring Linda Lee Thomas, renowned VSO pianist, also known as the “Queen of Tango”. Dream Ride explores the Tango idiom while venturing into realms of pure lyric beauty.

Next Performance: September 4 @ 4 pm – 5 pm

St. Andrews Wesley Church (Burrard and Nelson) Vancouver. By Donation *no upward limit! free parking under the church.

Dream Ride ~ the music of Holly Burke and Bill Runge

      Linda Lee Thomas – piano
             Pablo Romero – vocals
                    Bill Runge – soprano saxophone and clarinet
                              Holly Burke – flute

Here’s a video taste of what you’re in for…

On the subject of heads…here’s another cool thing I stumbled upon in the forest.

This amazing carving known as “Twin Spirits” is just off of Rawlings trail in Stanley Park, not far from Second Beach.

The Parks Board in their greater wisdom do not “acknowledge” this remarkable creation because the artist failed to go through their application process. Hey maybe the artist didn’t know where the office was – didn’t have a computer – was living in the park? I’m just so glad this carver went ahead with their vision, their inspiration for all the people to enjoy.

Thank you, Park Banksy. Love to know who you are and meet you one day ❤️



                                       “Cos you know two heads are better than one” – Twisted

All Natural All Week!


Here we are at Shaw TV filming our Sound Arts Therapy TV show. Watch this sweet half hour show this week! on Shaw Channel 4.  You’ll see three new Naturals tunes, ‘Brave Waking,’ ‘Lovers Arms,’ and ‘Love is a Traveller,’ all super fresh out of the gate. Dig it! All three will be featured on ‘Playground‘ our enticing new album due for release June 2016.

Monday (TODAY) 4 pm.

Tuesday 7:30 pm

Wednesday 11:30 am

Thursday 11 pm

Friday 3 am ( hahaha)

It may INSPIRE you to pre-buy a beautiful signed copy of our new album.

Help us make it happen!

pre-buy your copy of ‘Playground’ HERE

Thank you in advance…time is of the essence!