All Natural All Week!


Here we are at Shaw TV filming our Sound Arts Therapy TV show. Watch this sweet half hour show this week! on Shaw Channel 4.  You’ll see three new Naturals tunes, ‘Brave Waking,’ ‘Lovers Arms,’ and ‘Love is a Traveller,’ all super fresh out of the gate. Dig it! All three will be featured on ‘Playground‘ our enticing new album due for release June 2016.

Monday (TODAY) 4 pm.

Tuesday 7:30 pm

Wednesday 11:30 am

Thursday 11 pm

Friday 3 am ( hahaha)

It may INSPIRE you to pre-buy a beautiful signed copy of our new album.

Help us make it happen!

pre-buy your copy of ‘Playground’ HERE

Thank you in advance…time is of the essence!



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