Sylvia Hotel Feb 3 (8pm-10pm)

SHAWGreetings Again Sonic Adventurers… how are you.
Here is a glimpse of our new tunes Lovers Arms , Brave Waking and Love is a Traveller as well as a fun interview on Sound Arts Therapy TV.

Do comment on the videos, if you can, leave a little shim sham here and there, it really helps stimulate the great algorithym in the sky. Yes indeed.
Thirty seven days to go on our Indiegogo Campaign which will help fund the creation of our new album. We’re building our “gogofactor” every way we can. I didn’t even know what a “gogo factor” was, until last week! It’s the zimzam mojo activity that the internet thrives on. Warm thanks to everyone who has already made a purchase. Did you know even if you buy a small perk ($1, $3, or $5) for digital downloads of the new music, you’ll still be making a positive impact on our “gogo factor?” Isn’t that cool?

SHAW2You’re all invited to come see Kristian Alexandrov and me, plus special guests, at the Sylvia Hotel, Feb 3. 8-10. Right there on English bay, all covered in ivy. It’s very nice there at the Sylvia…a room with a view.
Otherwise, I’m still concussed, fell off my Mother’s bed while clipping her toenails, and am laying pretty low, roots deep down in the ground. See you at the Sylvia! Peace to All. Holly 🙂

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