Gigs in Abun~dance!

Excited about the new gigage appearing for us already ~ like a beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly out of it’s cocoon!

Just click on the “Performances” image and it all shows up…like magic, sort of. I still need some lessons in this stuff.

Anyhoo – greatly looking forward to being in the music with you again soon. I don’t know about you – but I’m FEELING

FUNKY!!! and have been enjoying the ‘arpeggiator’ on my Yamaha piano, when not checking out my regular Berry

piano, now 110 years young! I hope to play you “Brave Waking” at the next gig or so, which features a whole lot of the

mighty ‘arppegiator” and is funky as anything!

When in doubt – DANCE!blue morpho butterflyIMG_0040

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