5 thoughts on “Serendipity and Coping with the Unexpected

  1. Dearest Holly,The first time I came to Vancouver to meet your parents ( ’74?) the immigration border police grilled me; what is the purpose of your trip? Who are you visiting?,etc. and then they demanded I post a $100 a day bond for each day I would be staying in Canada. (Enter) Stanley Burke. Your father wrote such a powerfully vibrant letter to immigration and at the end of each paragraph, (more like stanzas because of it’s poetry) he wrote “land of the free?Home of the brave?” Stanley’s reputation preceded him and upon recipt of his letter, not only was the bond and all other demands dropped but an apology from immigration followed. I was so moved by this man’s fervent action and his inspired and inspiring words.
    It was an honor to have known him and to feel so welcomed into his home. Thank you Stanley


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