Diego the Cat

I’d like to introduce you to my grandson, and latest addition to our family, Diego the Cat. He’s all that. We’ve all fallen in love with him. There’s no escape!

Diego on YouTube

One of my favourite things to do with him is have him pose for portraits in the parlour or out on the promenade. Purr-fect! He is like a pink, pink rose but he is a grey tiger on the outside. I hold up my page and draw so that he can watch the movement of the pen. He is a very good student of drawing. He watches every movement and listens to me as I explain to him that he is a cat. Pointing out his pointy ears and all that. He is a cat. His attention never wavers and when the pen moves closest to him, he starts purring. I think he likes curves especially.

The obvious next step is a full ballet production involving cats, pens, and a generous production budget. I am told this was actually done in Montréal way back in 1999 or 2000 with a contemporary dance company, but alas with the unfortunate exclusion of cats.

Next week we will be back to our regular programming.



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