Two Composers Walk into a Bar…


          Yes, two composers walk into a bar…             

sporting Bulbous Bouffants

Bill and Holly looking very much like baroque composers

The bartender says, “Hey you two deadbeats! You haven’t paid your tab from the last time!”

Bill looks the bartender straight in the face and pleads, “but you know we’re both baroque!”

Here she is, Linda Lee Thomas, reigning Queen of our piano project, The Advanced Pianist. Linda and her esteemed husband Jon Washburn live in an ivy covered fairy tale house in Vancouver. There are crystals and tango shoes in the garden out front, and orange wooden steps that lift you up to the orange front door of the ‘Casa de Tango.’ Come inside, and discover Linda’s expansive living room welcoming you with warm reds and oranges, and wherever your eye falls you’ll find out something fascinating about her!

Next week we’ll be completing our twenty-tune audio/video recording at the ‘Casa de Tango.‘ Then we’re onto edits, and publishing and promotion…in a way, this has been a perfect dream to develop during good old Covid diciannove.

Linda Lee Thomas, Principal Pianist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra  since 1972, was Artistic Director of Masterpiece Music, a hugely successful chamber music series for 17 years. In 2000, she was inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame for her outstanding contributions to the industry. Her passion is the music and dance of Argentina - the Tango. She is one of Canada’s foremost tango musicians, performing and recording with Argentine bandoneonists Daniel Binelli and Nestor Marconi and with harmonica sensation Franco Luciani.  In her latest recording project, Tango Con Fazioli, Linda Lee is putting together two of her favourite things - Tango and Fazioli pianos.   For more information, see

What’s in a name? Cole Porter was married to a different Linda Lee Thomas. There’s even a musical about her!

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