Let’s warm ourselves by the fires of Art and Culture January 22/23

It’s winter in Canada. That mysteriously long seeming season that settles whitely across most of our wide land for months. CBC radio is a lifeline. People go to concerts and shows to warm themselves by the fires of Art and Culture. It’s cool, in every way! Vancouver is like the unfrozen area at the edge of the pond so to speak, where the ducks can still swim around. Lucky ducks.

So come warm yourselves January 22/23, and swim around, you lucky duck. How does a downtown Vancouver Caribbean island sound to you? Reservations 604 – 568-5882.

HB & The NATURALS LIVE @ Calabash Jan 22

LIVE @ Calabash Jan 22

Deep in the Calabash Music

Deep in the Calabash magic last night

with all six of us, at last…

New friends, old friends

We share our hearts with each other

and the music rises

like a sail on the wind

drawing us forward…

almost to Antibes



The Naturals relaxing at Calabash. Brent Gubbels, Randall Stoll, Nick Apivor and Bill Runge, who bicycled over from his Symphony performance…Kristian Alexandrov was on his way.